Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today I pulled out the old photo albums of me as a baby and was amazed at how much Katie looks like me. Of course, she has some of Jeff in her too but we were both really surprised how similar she and I are. So I have posted some of those pictures as well as some of our little Katie. I have also included the woman who made it all mom. This picture was taken a few days after I was born. I really miss her but am so thankful to have so many wonderful memories of her and stories that I will be able to share with Katie.


eLiZaBeTh said...

WOW. That last picture of you...she really does look just like you! I couldn't figure out who she looked like, but sorry Jeff, it isn't you!! LOL. Miss you.

Megan said...

Your girls look SO much alike. That is amazing. She is just adorable and I love all the pictures!

Andrea and Jeff said...

Actually, the older looking pictures are me as a baby. Little Katie is our first child.

Jen Martin Studios said...

Do you have any pictures of your Mom as a baby? I put my oldest sons photos next to my dads baby picture and everyone thought they were the same kid.

It will be neat as she grows - and you catch little bits of your Mom in your little girl. There are times I just sit and stare and sigh at my daughter because shes got some of my mom's mannerisms and shes never met her - its kind of an overwhelming feeling sometimes - makes you wonder if Mom sits and visits with her in her dreams or something. :)

Shes getting so big!

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