Thursday, January 15, 2009

Labor Story

I know I am way late in posting my labor story but I know some people still want to read about it. Plus, I found it very helpful to read the labor stories from my friends so I am hoping some people who read my blog will also find it helpful. Jeff is holding Miss Katie right now and she is sound asleep so I figured this was a good time.

I officially went into labor on Monday night. I woke up about an hour after I fell asleep to some strong cramps. They were bad enough that I needed to get out of bed but I didn't think it was real labor because I had read that you can have contractions on and off for a while without actually being in labor. We had also just been to the Dr. that afternoon and although he didn't check my cervix, he did do an ultrasound to see what position she was in. When we left the office I really didn't think Katie would decide to be born that night.

After two more contractions at 10:30 and then again at 11:30 I started thinking this was actually labor. I woke Jeff up at this point because I was in and out of bed so much. I continued having the contractions and would just breathe through them and either kneel down next to my bed or lean against the couch, table, wall, or whatever was nearby. They weren't coming regularly which made it really hard to decide when to go to the hospital. They continued to get more intense and longer and to the point where I felt nauseous. Jeff was so cute and running around the house getting our stuff organized, taking out the trash, scooping Shadows litter box. He even shaved because he didn't want to be looking like a mountain man at the hospital. It was pretty cute. Finally around 2:00 am I decided that we should probably get going. Just as Jeff was loading up the car, I puked which was all it took to convince both of us that this was the real thing and our little girl was probably going to be born on her due date!

We got to the hospital around 2:30 and to both of our surprise, I was already 5cm dilated! I was really surprised and also relieved that I had been handling the labor so well up to this point. We got into our room and luckily I was able to be hooked up to a portable monitor which allowed me to move around. For any future moms to be reading this....the best advice I can give you is to stay out of bed!!!! I can't imagine having a natural birth while being stuck in bed. Although we did learn of different labor positions in our childbirth class, I only used one. The counter was best friend and I labored for the next 3 hours leaning up against it.

At one point I did contemplate getting an epidural because the pain did get really bad but then Jeff asked the nurse to check me again. I was really shocked when she said I was already 9cm and doing amazing! That was the point when I knew I could do this without medication. It only took a few more contractions and my water being broken by the Dr. before I felt the urge to start pushing. I did have to get in bed at this point but I was able to lay on my side which was a huge help. I started pushing and continued to for an hour and a half. The only saving grace to this part was when I would get a break in between contractions (Jeff even joked saying that I looked like I was going to fall asleep). Of course it was the most painful thing I had ever experienced but knowing that it would end at some point and that I would get to see my little girl is what got me through. Jeff was a wonderful coach and didn't leave my side. He continually reminded me to breath and just his calming voice and presence helped me tremendously.

Finally at 6:51 am Miss Katie was born and I was both relieved and very excited. Unfortunately, I didn't get to hold her right away because there was some meconium in the amniotic fluid which meant she had to be checked out by a respiratory specialist. They had to suck out her stomach a little bit and then I got to hear the sound I had been waiting daughters cry.

Birth is truly amazing and every day I look at her I still can't believe that little person came out of me. We are so blessed and have so much love for our little Katie. I know my mom would be very proud of me and although she can't be here with me as I venture into parenthood I know she is looking down on me from heaven and smiling (and probably crying).


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you shared your story with us! Have you written it down for Katie? Did you meet Rebecca when you came out? I don't know how she's done it but for each of her SIX kids she has made Scrapbooks for them as they've grown up. They really treasure them. I thought if I had had children, that would be a special thing to do. Just a thought.

shannon said...

yeah, thanks for sharing. you are a brave women! now that you know what it is like...was it was you thought it would be like?

eLiZaBeTh said...

Hi Andrea. I know that your Mom is very proud of you. I think someone left you a comment a while back about how having Katie is a way to hold a part of your mom everyday. What a special way to look at it, because it is so true. I am so very proud of you!

Jen Martin Studios said...

Its true :)
You get to touch your Mamma every time you craddle that little girl in your arms. Its the only way I managed to get through missing my mom when I had Torrae - and now having just lost my dad a week ago, I see him still in my oldest son - and it helps get through the pain.

Thank you for sharing your birth story. Im so glad it went well :)

Let me know when I can take pictures of that beautiful little girl of yours. :) And let me know if I can help at all - even if its just emailing to talk to someone that knows what you are feeling.

Take care - Jen

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