Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Alone

Well I have made it through my first morning home alone with Miss Katie. Jeff went back to work today and I was dreading it. Luckily it has been better than I anticipated. Hopefully this means my hormones are getting back to normal and I won't be so weepy and emotional as I have been the past two weeks. This morning Katie and I slept until about 7:45 and after a good 45 minute feeding she allowed me to take a quick shower and eat a bowl of cereal....I was happy. After that we have just been doing a lot of holding, walking around the house, bouncing on my exercise ball, and whatever else keeps her happy. Now, she is actually sleeping which has allowed me to use two hands to do some things. I have ordered a sling because she loves to walk around and I think it will be great to have her with me but be able to do stuff as well.

Tomorrow we go to the Dr. for her 2 week checkup and I can't wait to see how much weight she has gained. I am pretty sure she will be back to her birth weight based on how well she has been eating. I also have a lot of questions for her Dr. so it will be nice to get them answered. I am hoping she will tell me it is ok to take Katie out in public a little. I am getting a little tired of being home all day. Luckily the sun has been out for the past couple days and we have been able to go for some really nice walks. This afternoon we are going for another one.

We are also getting to know Katie's personality a little more. She is starting to give us a few more expressions and we just love them. Like when she wakes up and we undo her from her swaddle she goes through this whole stretching, yawning, waking up routine that is just cute. I will try and video tape it one of these days and post it. We have kind of seen a smile but I think it is more of a reflex.

I also have to say to any parents to be out there reading this you must get the book, "The Happiest Baby on the Block". It has really been a lifesaver for Jeff and I and we feel so much more confident in calming her down because of it. Dr. Harvey Karp is the author and he talks about the 5 S's as a way to trigger the calming reflex (which all babies have). The first one is swaddling and Katie absolutely loves it! She really isn't calm without being swaddled and I think she sleeps well at night because of it. So if you are someone you know is going to have a baby this is a must read book (there is also a DVD which is good too).

Well I am going to go eat some lunch before my little munchkin wakes up.

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Jenn, Rian and Cameron said...

Happiest Baby on the Block is my Bible.

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