Sunday, December 28, 2008

False Alarm

No baby yet. I think Katie was just teasing me earlier this week making me think she was coming soon. Now, I have no idea when she will decide to come out.....I would think by now she would be feeling very crowded in there (at least thats what it feels like on my end). We go back to the Dr. again tomorrow and I am hoping he will check me to see if she is making any progress. I do know for sure that she has dropped because I can actually hug Jeff now without having to stick my butt out!

Yesterday Jeff and I celebrated the other half of our Christmas by having the traditional breakfast of fruit salad and monkey bread and opening presents. I got Jeff hair clippers (yes, I know very exciting), a Trivial Pursuit game, and a children's book by Tim McGraw called "My Little Girl." It is a very sweet book about daddy and daughter time. The best part is that the little girls name is Katie! I had no idea that was her name when I ordered the book so that was a wonderful surprise and made it even more special. Jeff surprised me with a cast iron griddle that I had been wanting and the book Twilight. After breakfast we visited his parents for a little while and then decided to get out of the house since the snow was quickly melting. We went to the mall mainly to just walk around with the hope it would help Katie along. It was a great day and a wonderful Christmas!

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