Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend at the Garner's

This Sunday was opening day of the regular season for the Seattle Seahawks. We we are all ready to go with football season including the famous Garner Gut Rot. That is the name of the terribly unhealthy but delicious dip that is Jeff's speciality. I was also excited because my Hawk jersey still fits. And if you look closely you can even see the leaves changing on the tree behind me. Therefore, it is officially fall and football season is here! We are one happy family.

On Friday night we started our weekend by going to the Ferndale High School football game along with the rest of the town. They take their football seriously and I love living here where it really feels like a small community.

During the game I found myself watching all of the high school girls and wondering what our little girl would be like. Hopefully she will be just like me when I was that age....a perfect little angel (however my mom might argue that one). And luckily I have a husband who isn't as naive as me so he will be able to make sure our teenage daughter is on the right track. As you can see I have been thinking a lot about parenthood lately and I am so thankful that God gives us many years to prepare.

Saturday was another day of football with the hometown boy, Jake Locker playing for the University of Washington. This was a great game with a nail biting fourth quarter. Unfortunately they lost all because of a ridiculous call by the referee for excessive celebration after Jake scored. Needless to say it was a huge dissapointment and now I am just hoping the Seahawks can pull off a great comeback since they are down 34 to 10 at the end of the third quarter. My football loving husband has not had a good start to the season. Luckily, there is always next weekend.

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shannon shaklee said...

ha...great post. you guys are a lot like the shaklee's! unfortunately for me, my husband is out of town this weekend, and therefore i have been on my own with the football...especially with the orange and blue playing tomorrow night against the yucky raiders! :) hope you guys have a great week!!!

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